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Peanut Butter Swirl Double Chocolate Brownies

I have been kind of crabby for the past week.

The rain is bugging me.

It didn't at first, but this (day 1,295,375th) is completely ridiculous.

I am sick of having damp clothes all the time.

The dog is pretty pissed off too.

He is cold.

He is cranky.

It just isn't fun to stand out in the flooded backyard and bark at nothing. 

There just isn't any sport to that at all!

I might have PMS.

Oh wait, I do have PMS.

I hate it that stupid stuff is irritating me so much. And that I have to keep apologizing for it.

Although, I was able to finally speak the truth to someone that has been a genuine problem in my family's life for over 30 years. And that made me feel like I had taken flight. It made my heart feel light.

I guess, on that one count, I have the PMS to thank for my ability to stop biting my tongue.

My tongue is very appreciative too.

As a little apology to my tongue, for all those years of biting, I may have made these.

I chickened out and left the pretzels off, but added chocolate chips.

The PMS made me do it.

That is my story, if Mr. Smith asks and I plan to stick to it.

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