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Picture the Holidays - 16th thru 19th

December 16: Season of Lights

December 17: Warm Glow

December 18: Recharge
While I got time to recharge, the babies went on a "Dark Walk" with Pop Pop.

December 19: Making a List (and checking it twice)

A partial capture of my To Do List for today.

It is still raining. 

These kids are starting to act feral. 

I don't know how many more days we can take this rain!

In other news, Grand Master H took a nasty spill over Famous Baby C yesterday.

He has been limping ever since.

He can't hop.

He always hops.

It is making me so sad that my little jumping boy can't jump.

We may have to take Boy, the plastic skeleton and Grand Master H for x-rays tomorrow.

Pray for us.

H announced that his foot is not broken, it is just "injuried."

He is not a doctor, so we may have to get a second opinion.

Kings of My Heart

Who knew?