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Nightmares in the morning

We had the usual early morning around here.

It was Mr. Smith's turn to get up with the children. Lucky him.

Grand Master H came to our door at 4:21.

His approval rating is in the toilet.

After a little tossing and turning, I was able to go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, I had the worst nightmare I have ever had.

Mr. Smith and the children and I were at an outdoor cafe. We were having lunch with a large group of people and having a wonderful time. Mr. Smith and I were talking to friends and the children were running around and playing with other children. It was a lovely, sunny day.

Suddenly, men started to take the seats that were suddenly empty around me. They were dressed in dark clothes and were not there to enjoy themselves. They were very serious and very grim. There was something menacing about their presence in this scene.

I felt like it was time to leave. I was feeling threatened by these men and what ever their reason was for being there.

I could not find my phone. I was searching the table, a welter of dirty dishes and coffee cups, but could not find my phone.

Someone yelled, "RUN!"

I looked for Mr. Smith and the children, but could not find them.

Someone grabbed my arm and dragged me down the street, away from the cafe. I lost them, but found shelter in a doorway.

An explosion rocked the entire neighborhood. 

Shards of metal, smoke and ashes flew down the street with such force that I had to cling to the door's molding the keep from being swept away with the debris.

As I literally heard the dust settle, I turned to see if I could locate Mr. Smith or the children. 

They were gone. 

I was alone.

I turned to a woman next to me and asked her if we could stay together until we could find our families. She cringed, made a face, and said, "No. You have to find them yourself."

Now that I am awake, I can't shake the feeling of being lost and the loneliness of 
trying to search for my family.

Sorry for the lack of photos. Mr. Smith advised me to buy the extra storage from the Google Nazis, which I have done. Now it will take the assholes up to 24 hours to add the damn storage.

Ya bastards at Google suck!

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