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An Unconventional Date Night

Last night Mr. Smith had an errand to run on our date.

We were upgrading dear Mr. Smith's iPhone 3GS to a spiffy new iPhone 4. 

I already had one and was feeling tremendous guilt that dear Mr. Smith did not have one.

Yeah, we really know how to party.


It really is spiffy.

It has an awesome camera.

Okay, the camera is much more awesome if you aren't in a moving car.

Yeah, I couldn't help it, the sky was just too gorgeous.

And then we went back to Miss A's to complete the complicated phone-swapping operation.

Miss A invited us to stay for margaritas and pizza. Miss A is extremely gracious, so we accepted.

So the parents got to hang out with another adult! Joy!

Oh, and Miss A made these too!

Miss A makes cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.

If you happen to live in the area, you should definitely treat yourself with a box of her lovelies. You won't regret it. She makes and decorates each one herself and they are as delish as they look.

This little number has a molten center and peppermint buttercream frosting! 

Doesn't it look like a tiny Santa hat?

Oh, and while Miss A was putting her munchkins to bed, this happened.

A certain party, we will call him Choo Choo, flung his undergarment onto the chandelier.

Luckily, Mr. Smith swooped in, cape fluttering and saved the day!

You know it's a party when there is underwear on the chandelier!

One time, many years ago, before there were babies (5!) and Mr. Smith,
Miss A and I went on a Valentine's Day date.

We went to dinner and had a wonderful time. There was no smooching.

 It wasn't THAT kind of date! Sorry guys!

Cafe au Lait Pudding

Ma's Wine Drops