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A Tall Tale of Legos

This is a sort of guest post from Grand Master H. He has a gift for fiction.

"Look Mommy, I made a man with two suitcases."

"And look, I made a wife! She is a guardian. She guards him."

"And he is a work man. He needs a computer to work. And he has kids that won't leave him alone!"

"Now I can make a kid who can't leave him alone. He can play with this pretend hammer. He is a kid that loves to play with pretend tools."

"He is a kid that bugs his dad. Because he thinks he can play with him all day."

"He puts down his suitcases. I have to get him new legs. His legs are different."

"His new client is Max and Bibler. He died about a million years ago, but he went to the hospital so he's alive again."

"His Mom always gets the kid toys. The Dad works to make money to buy pretend toys. The Mom already got the kid pretend tools to build things like towers and snacks like Cheerios and newspapers."

"He made a computer because his Dad was being patient."

Note: I am not sure how the Mommy arranged to have a bullhorn, but I definitely want to get in on that action!

P.S. Tonight, because I refused to make hot chocolate using Mr. Smith's complicated method, Grand Master H told me, "You're FIRED!"

Know of any openings?

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