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We may need medical attention

Today Mr. Smith was kind enough to let me sleep in late.

That means he got up before dawn with Famous Baby C.

That also means that he attempted to carry his shoes, socks, Famous Baby C and 
her Silkie down the stairs.

That is until he slipped, injuring his hip and his neck and glancing 
Famous Baby C's head off the banister.

There was a big crash and then silence. Not a good thing before 5 am.

I jumped out of bed and ran to help.

Mr. Smith and Famous Baby C were in a heap on the first landing.

Mr. Smith: Help.


Baby C, once she gathered herself: It's okay Dada, it was only an accident.

Mr. Smith is icing his injuries and praying for his own demise.

So then Pop Pop took the children to the park.

He was sitting in some covered area of the playground equipment with Baby C 
and forgot about the roof.

He stood up, smacked the old honeydew on the roof....

aaaaaaand, wait for it......had to lay down for a minute or two!

While my children fended for themselves, you know, while he recovered from the blow to his head.

Baby C stood by and acted as nurse. You know, because she (at 2.5 years old) is your go to person when you have a head injury that requires 
A NAP!!!!

And so, after a little rest, he gathered himself and got H on the Astronaut swing and 
all was right with the world.

Well, almost.

Pop Pop is a little sketchier than normal.

He will be getting a helmet for Christmas.

We may or may not end up in the ER before the end of the weekend.

In need of comfort

This guy is a reality show in the making!