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Dressed Up, No Place to Go

Famous Baby C covets her father's iPhone. Not mine.

I don't have anything fun on mine for exactly that reason.

Okay, I had that Lego program that turns photos into brick art, but she made me so nuts 
and wanted to play it without interruption, so I deleted it.

Mr. Smith is not so mean. Or practical.

In my bizarre cleaning frenzy, I unearthed Grand Master H's Halloween costume 
from what seems like a million years ago. 

Turns out what fit the boy when he was 18 months old, fits his 2.5 year old sister.

Yup, pretty intense little Monkey! 

Here is the little cherub, once again, refusing to wear clothes, 
but insisting on playing in the backyard.

And, of course, what yard would be safe without The Green Hornet on a Big Wheel?

Heaven Sent

Monster Hunters