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Lack of Sleep Report

12:16 am - Grand Master H comes and whips open our bedroom door. Light floods the room, I am like a woman who had been shot out of a cannon.

I stroll him back to his bed. He is asleep before I leave the room.

2:45 am - The same drill. This time I figure the only way I am going to keep him out of our room is to sleep in his damn room.

He sleeps in the single bed with me. It is really crowded since he has no intention of going back to sleep. He talks, he flings arms, legs, hands, feet. Heavy sighs emanate from his little self.

His little, exasperated self that can't figure out why I don't want him to get up at 2:45 am. Finally I suggest that he get in his own damn bed. He does. He sleeps fitfully for a little while.

When I wake up around 6:15 am, he is gone and I am in his room alone.

I stagger back to our bed and sleep until 8 am.

A simple thing

It's A Satchel, dammit!