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12:21 am

Sorry, but the Daily Lack of Sleep Report has returned.

Oh, I know. She's cute and all. And that is great.

She's smart, but Grilled Cheesus, this child could work for the CIA.

She woke up at 12:21, fired up Violet the little dog that, in theory, should help her go back to sleep. So she chattered, yelled, pleaded, you name it, until I finally gave up at 4:09 am.

What is the equation that will tell me the amount of coffee to survive this phase?

I am so severely math disabled and tired that I can't figure it out. Besides, as my father will tell you, I have never been any good at word problems.

Be that as it may, I am going to bring back 30 Days of Thanks.

Each day I will tell you, all six of you, what I am thankful for on that day.

Today, for obvious reasons, I am extremely thankful for this:

Dispatch from his Lordship, Possessor of Wild Imagination

And so it ends.