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Picture Fall: What remains

The funny thing about life, you make plans, have grand schemes, try to engineer things, but Mother Nature has other plans.

The other night I manipulated people and things so that I could go out and take pictures of the sunset.

We have been having rainy, cloudy weather, but things had cleared up. We still had great fluffy, whipped cream, meringue-like clouds perfectly formed and decorating the bright blue sky.

Mother Nature had a different idea. She always does.

Off I went to my new favorite spot.

Instead of the sun/clouds, I noticed these. I been to this spot several times, but somehow I missed these.

I have no idea what they are or what they looked like before they became these prehistoric chandeliers of furry blooms.

The photo prompt for today was What Remains.

See, Mother Nature knew best, didn't she?

What was I thinking?

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