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Brown Butter Sugar Cookies with Jam

If you have not tried browning butter, you are missing out.

Don't get me wrong. I had not tried it until I dove in to the brown butter goodness of this recipe. Smitten Kitchen used it in the shortbread, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Oh my!

Well, this recipe also called for it, so I felt much more confident that I wouldn't burn the house down in the process of browning the butter. Yes, it takes some time, but it is simple and so very worth it. Especially for these cookies.

Just look at those brown flecks. That is all from the brown butter.

As soon as you get a whiff of the nutty, carmel-scented goodness, believe me, you will be sold and there will be no going back.

Also, I got to use my homemade vanilla again. This is no reason to make cookies.

Well, unless you are me. And you happen to be looking for ways to use vanilla.

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