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Polar Love

Did you know that in addition to the Elephant Cam, there is a Polar Bear Cam?

This is Kalluk. Apparently, Mr. K tips the scales at about 950 pounds. He is very impressive. His (twin) sister is named Tatqiq and she is a mere 561 pounds.

If you haven't watched these bears, you are missing out.

Famous Baby C is completely obsessed with them.

They wrestle, they swim, they dive deep in their pool and shoot out of the water. They frolic with their different toys (including putting burlap sacks on their head on occasion).

Check it out when you need a laugh.

Okay, I may be obsessed too. Look at him! How could you not have a HUGE crush on this guy? He just has that insolent bad boy thing going on, don't you think?

Grand Master H places an order

Just seeing how this looks