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Stumbling through Fall

October 19th prompt was: Scattered. We were having scattered thunderstorms all damn day. We drove my parents to the airport at about 5:30 am (!) in the rain. We were able to see lightning on the horizon, prompting 125,896,312 questions from the babies.

Weather is so puzzling to them, being So Cal natives and all, they don't see much of it.

At one point, we had this brief break in the storms. I figured I could shoot some clouds before the rains came again. As if by magic, a hawk swooped by right at that moment.

This next photo has nothing to do with the photo prompt. We were watching elephants, because that is what we do. I rarely have time to use my computer for actual work type activities at this point. We watch them, we talk about them, we discuss them at length. 

Anyway, when we tuned in, the baby was using his mother for shelter from the rain. I almost screamed, it was so stinking cute. To make it that much more adorable, yup, he had is back ankles crossed at one point.

Is there a more elegant description of motherhood? I can't think of one.

October 20's prompt was: Connections.

These were the photos I thought of immediately.

Papa Doty with Famous Baby C. I can't believe this is two years ago. It was the last time we saw him. He got such a kick out of her and her spunkiness. I am so happy he got to meet her and hold her. 

This one is Famous Baby C and her self-appointed "best friend" whether he likes it or not, Archie.

She is reading to him. As you can see, is completely enthralled.

This one is one from the archives. 

Left to right, my mother (all of 24 years old), me (screaming my 8 day old head off), and my grandmother. I love that my grandfather took the photo and that my mother and her mother look so serene despite the fact that I am losing my shit! Hilarious.

October 22's prompt was Serving up Kindness. Pop Pop took this one of the babies. I just loved the fact that Grand Master H was holding the umbrella over his sister. 

Years ago, before I was dating Mr. Smith we worked together. We were having a rainy day. Mr. Smith grabbed his umbrella and came to my car and walked me and my dog into the office.

I about died.

I was so freaked out that a male of the species would be so chivalrous. Who knew that such men still existed?

It does my heart good that our son is going to be like his father. I could not ask for a better role model for our boy.

October 22's prompt was Darks and Lights. 

This is an older photo from San Clemente. It was a color photo, but I think it looks so much more dramatic in black and white.

This one is from my new favorite spot to take photos of the horizon. This one is straight out of the camera, if you can believe it.

With all of this weather we are getting the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises. 

October 23rd's prompt was the Rhythm of Repetition.

Another rainy day, our now mossy brick wall seemed like the logical choice.

October 24th's prompt was Family Matters.

Due to the bumper crop of non-cooperation in the Smith clan, I decided to forego the inevitable tantrums. 

While Baby C was napping, I got to have some quiet time with Grand Master H. I took this one with my phone.

I do have a pathological fear of having my picture taken, could be why I am the one with the camera? I don't know. It is just one of my many issues.

Don't worry, this will not start a rash of self-portraits. I barely was able to post this one.

Today's prompt is Fall Color.

 I found this sassy little twig springing out of the base of a larger tree in our front yard. I just thought the colors were so lovely.

Okay, so that brings you up to date on my Picture Fall journey. I hope I didn't bore you to tears!

October 26: Open heart, open mind

Things that make me go hmmm?