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Peanut Butter Confessions: The Sequel

I have a problem. It is peanut butter. You may have heard about it.

Last night Mr. Smith, poor Mr. Smith, came downstairs and made me a bowl of ice cream topped with a glop of peanut butter and some chocolate sauce. More peanut butter than chocolate, just the way I like it.

That is only one of the many things that is so awesome about Mr. Smith. He doesn't hold my love affair with peanut butter against me. He is actually really patient, long-suffering and understanding about it.

What a guy.

The other day he was even willing to make a trip to the grocery store to procure the sugar-laden cereal used in this here recipe.

The man is a saint.

These little glasses are some of my most prized possessions. They belonged to Aunt Minnie. I am not 100% sure how Aunt Minnie and I are related, but I think she had great taste. She was also a pretty spunky gal and I really like that.

Aunt Minnie was a nurse in World War I. I can't even imagine what that might have been like, but what a woman!

When she was really elderly, my grandparents would visit her. She made my grandfather crazy because she was constantly turning her hearing aid as high as it would go and burning through batteries at an alarming rate. I would have been more concerned that she felt the need to turn the damn thing up that loud!

Anyway, somehow, we ended up with these little glasses. I am not sure if they are meant for champagne or dessert, but they work very well for both. The have a little bit of etching on the bowl, and such a simple elegant profile. They just beg to be photographed. And they make even something as mundane as a Peanut Butter Parfait look fancy.

I used Trader Joe's Chocolate Pudding and topped the dessert with Trader Joe's Mini Peanut Butter cups (too much chocolate and not enough peanut butter for me, but Mr. Smith loves them).

Be warned: This is not health food. These are rich! I know this because I may or may not have eaten two of them and then felt a little sick. It was worth it. Take my word for it.

This is one of those things that really needs to be eaten right after you put it together. The cereal can get soggy.

I hate soggy cereal.

So, mix up the components and put it together when you are ready to gorge on chocolate and peanut butter.

Also, these would be super cute in dessert shot glasses. If you are so inclined.

I'm a creep

Too hot to cook