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Cassoulet and rainy days

It has been raining here. Epic, biblical, we-need-to-build-an-ark kind of rain. There has even been some thunder and lightning. The dog has had multiple mini breakdowns due to the thunder. Also, going outside to deal with his biological issues has been a chore. When he comes back in the house he is soaked and water touching him makes him kind of... well...insane is the right word.



That would be his butt just going around the back of the chair at high speed

I, of course, missed the thunder and light show. I was the victim of another practical joke played on me by the medical community. They find it endlessly entertaining to make me do ridiculous things (fast when I am 9 months pregnant, drink copious amounts of water and tell me not to pee and then make me wait more than 45 minutes (!) in their damn waiting room while other people drink water and relax to the ocean sounds on the Muzak. Thanks for that, by the way).

More on the medical tests in another post...when I am a little less bitter about it. In the meantime, here is a little photo to entertain you.

 Spooky tray of scary medical equipment

Go ahead and talk amongst yourselves and imagine the indignities I was forced to suffer for medical science. They are varied and many, believe me.

On a happier note, I made a wonderful dinner last night. I have been watching Michael Chiarello (At Home with Michael Chiarello: Easy Entertaining) for some time. Mr. Smith has a little bromance going with him. He just loves the looks of everything the man cooks. Hmmmm....

The delectable finished product

Anyway, I caught part of a show the other day. I just could not stop thinking about this recipe! It just sounded and looked so good, so yummy, so cozy and perfect for a rain-filled nasty day.

A little note: I could not face the notion of investing in enough fennel seeds to make the rub for the chicken. As always, I just made up my own recipe for the rub.

Vertigo B Herb Rub

1 tsp. fresh thyme
1 tsp. ground white pepper
2 tsp. course salt (divided)
1 tsp. Italian seasoning

That is just how I roll. I can't leave a recipe alone, I just can't. It annoys my mother. It annoys my sister-in-law. It annoys my aunt when she asks for a recipe and I tell her I don't really have one.

I also used partially frozen skinless boneless chicken breasts. Again, that is just how I roll. I can't deal with chicken on the bone. It is too icky and I am a sissy. There I went ahead and said it.

My advice, add three cans of white beans. Two was just not enough. The beans are to die for!

It does take a little prep time, but believe me, it is so completely worth it. The results are so warm and comforting on a nasty day.

If you have lemons...

Facing your fears