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Mr. Smith's Mythical Mystical Bundt Cake Recipe

The original cake of legend was baked by my errant mother-in-law (amazing since she is about as domestic as an angry cobra). For months, Mr. Smith waxed nostalgic about the virtues of this cake, how moist it was, how delicious, how desperate he was to have it again.

Anyway, we had to fire the mother-in-law, so we did not have access to the recipe. So I went spelunking in the recipe archives and came up with a worthy successor to the mythical bundt cake recipe. Every once in a while Mr. Smith campaigns for one. Well, The Mr. Smith is turned 42 today. His dilemma: the desire for two birthday desserts and an inability to choose between them. The solution: Mrs. Smith should make both!

Be warned, this recipe is not healthy, it has no redeeming nutritional qualities, it is pure indulgence!

Mitch’s Mythical Bundt Cake Recipe

4 eggs

1/2 cup oil

1/2 cup water

1 cup sour cream

1 small box of chocolate pudding

1 box of yellow cake mix

1 bag chocolate chips

Whisk eggs, oil, water and sour cream together in a large bowl. Then add box of pudding. Whisk until smooth. Add cake mix and whisk until completely blended. Fold in 1 small bag of chocolate chips (or 1/2 peanut butter chips, 1/2 chocolate chips if you prefer).

Stir until blended, pour into bundt pan. Bake for 1 hour @ 350 degrees. Wait until it cools (that is the hardest part for Mr. Smith) and enjoy with a glass of milk.

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