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Personal Crumb Cakes...the easy way

I am a huge fan of the King Arthur Flour Catalog.

My Grandma swore by their flour. She would not use anything else in her bread, her sugar cookies, or anything for that matter.

We get their catalog frequently and I am on their email list. I could spend, without even trying, a huge amount of money every month or so just on baking stuff. So silly.

Anyway, they were having a sale, so I caved and bought some mixes. I will let you know about the others. Today, H "helped" me make these. Okay, he actually just played in sink while I made these. A guy has to have priorities!

A disclaimer: I am not a fan of mixes. I do not believe that a mix is ever as good as something made from scratch. I am the kind of nut job that will make a cake from scratch rather than use a boxed mix. Mr. Smith's favorite cake does use a mix, so I have had to loosen this policy over the last few years.

That being said, King Arthur Flour is a exception.

These are just lovely. I like the idea of having individual cakes instead of one large one. They sell the whole thing in a kit, so ordering is very easy.

I will make these again. Perhaps when we have house guests. It would be very nice to serve these warm on Sunday morning.

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