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Bee update...

If you were reading over the weekend, this is the before shot.

And this is the after shot of the Bee Mission.

No more live bees. Okay there were a couple of sad stragglers, but the watermelon-sized hive disintegrated upon contact with the BeeDeath™ procured by The Monkey. I don't even want to think about what might be some of the ingredients contained in BeeDeath™. Made up the name, by the way.

At some point, The Monkey was on a mission to wipe out the slug population on the back 40 and purchased a product, ominously named SlugDeath™. Yikes. I bet just the sight of that box made those slug quake!

Before endorsing the mission, Mr. Smith checked with The BeeMan and he said there are more bees than ever before. We were concerned about Colony Collapse Disorder. We have all heard that there are fewer bees. The BeeMan says that the media has blown that out of proportion.

Apparently The BeeMan has been doing this for 30+ years. He is one of those great characters you run into when this kind of things happen.

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