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Golden Winter Soup

I know. We don't really have winter here. There is just something about Fall that makes me start to get crazy to cook. More specifically crazy to cook cozy warm soup and cookies. I want to have my Gingerbread Coffee and sit at the table making out my shopping list. I want to pick out beautiful Butternut Squash, and leeks and baking potatoes and make some of this soup.

I am so surprised I have written about this soup yet! This is a HUGE favorite around here. It is even on Mr. Smith's List of Acceptable Meals I Have Promised to Eat Any Time. Take it from me, this is a VERY short list. Making it onto the list involves testing, ingredient clearance and a whole long ceremony. It is not easy process, but this one is one there, so take heed.

Make this ahead of time and warm it up. Make it ahead of time and freeze it. Leave out the milk, it won't make a damn bit of difference. This is another soup that is absurdly healthy, but feels so creamy and decadent, you will swoon.

Add the little cheese toasts and you will feel more pampered than you have felt in a long time!

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