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Flank-ish Steak

Tonight we had a version of a Steak House Dinner, without having to go to the Steak House. Since I have an aversion to spending that kind of crazy money when I don't have it, this is the perfect deal for me. Plus, I have that thing about not liking to go out. And that thing about not being able to easily leave the stinkin' house because I have these short, needy people that follow me around ALL THE TIME DEMANDING THINGS AND ATTENTION.

But I digress.

Anyway, Pioneer Woman posted this awesome Flank Steak Recipe a while back and I have had it kicking around the kitchen and my brain for a while. We weren't able to locate a Flank Steak at the local grocery, so we went with a London Broil. A little thicker and more difficult to cook adequately for the crowd in this house. Anyway, I decided to make this tonight.

Can I just say...YUM. YUMMY YUMMY YUM YUM!!!

Early in the afternoon I mixed up the marinade, threw it and the meat in a freezer bag, threw that in a 9x13 pan (just in case of a nasty meat leak) and threw that whole mess in the fridge for 3 hours or so.

Cooked it up with some Twice Baked Potatoes and Broccoli Spears (sans hollandaise sauce...drat!) and you got yourself a real Steak House Meal, my friends. Feels decadent, but so isn't.

A word of advice, do the thing with the marinade and make the dipping sauce for the meat. It is AMAZING! Trust me, trust Pioneer Woman...you will be soooooo glad you did.

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