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Chicken Enchiladas

I made these Chicken Enchiladas tonight for dinner. As usual...fiasco, but the results were phenomenal! These are better than any enchilada I have ever had in any restaurant. Be warned this recipe is HUGE (two 9 x 13 pans full of really zippy enchiladas), but I can see that the leftovers will not hang around. Mr. Smith declared that he would eat these every day. He looked a little scared when I told him he might have to.

The fiasco part of the story involves the shopping trips (yes, trips) that Mr. Smith and I both had to make. He to go on the bigger shopping trip, since coordinating the naps around here is impossible. He did not feel confident purchasing chicken and could not find chipotle at the store.

After he got home, I was tied up feeding Pinkie (seeing as how she eats almost constantly). By the time that was done, Hamster was up from his nap (Mama talk to me on the walkie talkie), having his snack. Finally I was able to get out of the house, with the promise that I would not return without a new car for Hamster (this has become a real problem around here. Hamster feels that there should be a new car on his high chair tray after each of his naps).

Pinkie and I went to the store largely without incident. Got home pretty quickly, and was so glad to be pulling into the garage WITHOUT THE PROMISED CAR!!!! Quickly called Mr. Smith, and rushed to Target to buy the stinking car. Pinkie was not the least bit happy to be making yet another stop, but we were able to find a car that The Hamster does not have yet (not easy at this point, he has almost the entire Matchbox/Hot Wheels aisle).

Luckily Mr. Smith was kind enough the keep The Hamster outside long enough for me to get dinner ready. This was no small feat as The Hamster has discovered running in and out of the house...maddening to say the very least!

Anyway, Hamster says it is too spicy for him, but Mr. Smith LOVED it. Add it the repertoire and call it a day.

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