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Chicken a la King

This Chicken a la King recipe is a little fussy, but honestly, all the chopping and fussing is so worth it. This is another one of Mr. Smith's favorites and it has become a family favorite. I usually leave out the three egg yolks at the end, it just plain gives me the willies, but if you are okay with it, go for it.

I have to tell you, the method that Emeril uses to cook the chicken (in a foil packet with vegetables) absolutely set my world on fire! Now, at long last, I can cook the chicken while I am doing other things, have some beautifully cooked vegetables AND the broth to add to a million recipes. It also allows you to cook chicken that is frozen solid (just bake it a little longer) in a recipe. Love love love it!!!

The Herb Biscuits are too much trouble, so I usually just make Baking Powder Biscuits (recipe to come from the legendary Robin Hood Flour Cookbook). Occasionally I will throw in some herbs or some shredded cheddar cheese just to make things interesting.

Emeril's Banana Bread

Abs Diet Smoothie